County Court at Law 2

The County Courts at Law have concurrent jurisdiction on all misdemeanor criminal cases and all civil cases filed in the county courts, in addition to Probate and Juvenile Court hearings. The County Courts at Law and the two State District Courts share concurrent jurisdiction over all domestic relations cases.

Office Location

Angelina County Courthouse
215 East Lufkin Avenue
2nd Floor
Lufkin, Texas                                                                                     

Mailing Address

P. O. Box 908
Lufkin, Texas 75902

Phone 936-634-8984   

Fax 936-634-8145

Judge Derek C. Flournoy


Policies of County Courts at Law Regarding Family Law
First Amended (2009) Local Court Rules of Angelina County For The Timely and Fair Appointment of Counsel For Indigent Defendants
Amended Angelina County Juvenile Indigent Defense Plan
Application to be Placed on Public Appointment List for Angelina County



Monica Ibarra - Court Coordinator
Elizabeth Murphy - Court Reporter
Maxine Willmon Bailey- Court Bailiff
Crystal Brent - Assisstant Court Coordinator